Year 6 Transitions

Thank you so much for your interest in our Year 6 Transitions Assembly. We do hope that you were able to join us for the Live Assembly. If not, please do not worry as we have recorded the assembly for you to access below.

Transition and change can be such a difficult time for some year 6 pupils, especially with all their inner thoughts and feelings. This assembly is a great introduction for these pupils to notice, understand and be equipped to manage these.

Would you like more support for your Year 6 pupils?

What’s included?

A short, personal and friendly interactive programme that can be implemented with your Year 6 classes between now and the end of term in manageable bite-sized chunks that fit around your schedule. No additional preparation or planning for Year 6 staff which means they can enjoy and learn too!

Includes a variety of video and information, guidance, activities and self-regulation awareness practices.

Introducing and Equipping Us for Change

  • Exploring change and changes
  • What happens if we don’t learn about navigating change?

How Change Affects Us

  • In our thoughts (helpful and unhelpful)
  • In our emotional bodies (comfortable and uncomfortable)
  • And how to have fun with two short and simple change challenges

Controlling Change

  • The Circle of Control and Influence that gives you responsibility for managing yourself

Future-Based Fiction

  • Getting to know the pictures our minds create
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Transition Journey (you get to decide!)

Practising How To Self-Regulate and Calm

  • Comfort Lists
  • Settle Suitcases
  • Room Rainbows
  • Safe Place Practices
  • Stress Relieving Sighs

Communicating Your Change Experience

  • Expressing thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways
  • Change Poems
  • Emotional Animals
  • Journalling what’s in your head

Signposts and Pathways of Support

  • Knowing your who, what, where and when of support
Also includes:
Assembly for Year 6 Pupils

Checklists for pupils on how to feel safe when stressed
PSHE Links to Mental Health and Wellbeing around change and transition

You will be taken to a separate website to access the product.