What is WellBeings?

WellBeings Primary is a science-backed programme to help prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s world by building resilient, balanced and happy minds at home and school.

A whole school approach to mind health and wellbeing

No previous experience or lengthy training

Ready made online resources to deliver instantly

Backed by psychologists & wellbeing practitioners

See WellBeings in Action

why does your school need wellbeings?

My school is seeing an increase in children requiring referral to support services

How can I make an impact and target staff wellbeing

My school has limited budgets and financial limitations

My school is experiencing behaviour issues in the classroom since covid

Who does it help?

A whole school approach

Promotes a sustainable, kind,
self-regulating culture in school.


Develop greater self-awareness and discover new ways of self-regulating.

Parents & Families

Educating and equipping school families with language, activities and practices for emotional regulation and self-awareness.


Equipping and empowering them to notice and nurture their needs whilst at work and at home.