Why do it?

  • Supports and enhances your Covid recovery plan.
  • Promotes positive mental wellbeing for ALL in school.
  • Integrates mental health into daily life, giving it the same priority as physical health.
  • Teaches and expands upon core themes of PSHE curriculum including mental health, relationships and living in the wider world.
  • Simple, easy and time saving for staff.
  • Requires no previous training or CPD suitable for all staff use.
  • Children and staff find it fun and enjoyable, often learning and using self-help strategies without realising.
  • It aims to reduce and prevent the number of emotion-related behaviour referrals to mental health services.
  • Provides a sustainable, self-regulating culture in school.
  • Children want to feel happier, and they want to know how to help themselves.

As WellBeings they can.

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