WellBeings Monthly MeetUps

Our WellBeings Monthly MeetUps are aimed at all schools and are an opportunity to discuss issues around mental health and wellbeing in schools.

Targeting those who have responsibility for their whole-school approach to wellbeing, so you may be a mental health lead, SEN lead, Safeguarding lead, Headteacher or Deputy Head, we welcome everyone.

Each month, we will be discussing a theme and the MeetUps provide a platform to discuss this in an informal and supportive network. We will be running these sessions online, via zoom, so we can gather people from all over the UK.

If you would like to join a monthly MeetUp, please complete the form below indicating which sessions you would like to attend. The upcoming sessions can be seen in the images below.

We look forward to meeting you there!

Next Session: Beat The Blues

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Thursday, January, 19th

3.30pm – 4.15pm


Beat The Blues – What does blue mean to you?

As the beat of rain against the window welcomes you to yet another cold, dark January morning it’s so very easy to wish that you could snuggle back down into bed and spend the next few months blissfully hibernating just like those clever bears.  But you can’t and unfortunately migration is out of the question so what can you do to help beat these January blues.

Please come along to our January meet up and together we will explore a variety of helpful solutions that might just help you and your class to shine a bright light of positivity into these dark winter days. 

We will introduce some really useful practices including:

Colour practices

Nature-based interventions (great for ACEs and trauma)

Moods – the winter mood of your mind and body

as well as reinforce the great importance of maintaining healthy hobbies and friendships. 

Look forward to seeing you there!

Previous Sessions: Staff Role Modelling WellBeing

How often do children have the opportunity to see their teachers and support staff acknowledging their emotions and then model a particular tool or technique, that they themselves find helpful in supporting their own personal mental self-regulation?

In this meet up we will be discussing:

  • How realistic this is for teachers to do?
  • Why an indirect approach through observation can be very beneficial and effective.
  • How an open approach to vulnerability and sharing can be curiously explored by adults that teach.
  • The challenges teachers may feel in modelling self-regulation techniques in front of their class.

You will go away with ready to use strategies including:

  • Grounding techniques
  • Breathwork
  • Movement and body practices

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