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My school is seeing an increase in children requiring referral to support services

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How can I make an impact and target staff wellbeing

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My school has limited budgets and financial limitations

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Our school families are asking us for help around how they can support their child with mental and emotional struggles 

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My school is seeing an increase in children requiring referral to support services

Mental health is relevant for everyone, not just a few. 

At some stage in our lives, we all need support for ourselves. This support may come from a friend, family member or professional service. 

With increasing numbers of young people requiring more specialised support and often a wait to get it, it’s crucial that we start giving them tools they can work with straight away.

If children can prioritise and practice from a young age, good mental habits and emotional awareness then they are more likely to grow personal resilience and make healthier, appropriate and safe choices.

For our children and staff to learn self-regulation and be mentally and emotionally responsible, they need to be exposed to regular age-appropriate practices and the opportunity to develop and form positive mental health habits and actions whilst in school. 

How can WellBeings support this?

WellBeings provides a banquet of varied and age-appropriate activities, tools and guidance so that individuals over time can self-select, self-soothe and choose what healthy strategies work best for them. 

The daily experience of practising with WellBeings can provide space for calming, settling, pausing and transitioning with more ease.

My school has limited budgets and Financial Limitations

Schools have limited budgets which limits their scope of choice. 

We are aware that the managing school budgets is evermore a balancing act. Achieving value for money and a solution that provides impact is often a criteria that is not achievable – with WellBeings it is!

You may already have a solution within your school that you believe is similar BUT, our product is unique and offers a whole-school approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing throughout your school.

WellBeings is also working seamlessly alongside existing solutions as a collaboration.

How can WellBeings support this?

Wellbeings is affordable, sustainable and provides excellent value and support for the whole-school community. 

It is bought for your school and doesn’t leave if a member of your staff does. It belongs to all staff members, all children and their school parents and families. 

Training is short and succinct and you are able to use it almost immediately – saves time, with no requirement to cover classes or release teachers from their day-to-day role. We want to give teachers more time to teach and accomplish their teaching and learning outcomes and goals. 

How can I make an impact and target staff wellbeing

We know that happy, healthy staff are more open and able to support and guide young people with their learning and life’s challenges.

When teachers start to feel depleted, fearful, anxious, tired, burnout and low, it becomes more challenging to hold and provide nurturing space for the multiple individuals in classes that require them to do so.

Recruitment and retention of quality staff is high-priority in schools. Short and long-term staff absence puts strain on resources, budgets and standards. 

Staff need to feel supported, listened to, nurtured and valued. 

It’s often a challenge for school leaders to find an appropriate balance and achieve a nurturing approach.

How can WellBeings support this?

As WellBeings is a whole-school approach it supports staff in developing a healthy range of tools and techniques by practising alongside the children during the school day. They get mini-CPD sessions each day so they have an abundance of techniques and suggestions to help children.  

The WellBeings staffroom is also dedicated to staff wellbeing needs. Feedback and teacher voice enables us to provide relevant and helpful practices and guidance that often meets the required need and provides appropriate signposting and training. 

By practising each day in the classroom, staff also gain knowledge and insight on how best to communicate more effectively and confidently on mental health issues with their pupils, colleagues and parents.

Our school families are asking us for help around how they can support their child with mental and emotional struggles 

‘My child does not need specialist support, they just need a bit of help and guidance.’

‘I don’t know how to help them with their emotional difficulties and challenges. It’s stressing me out even more. Please help.’

“I’m worried about their behaviour escalating and becoming a real problem that affects their day-to-day functioning’. 

Many parents are worrying about their children which is adding extra pressure and exacerbating anxiety in households. They will see visual and obvious signs – behaviour changes, moods and uncomfortable emotional experiences.

Schools are being asked to help and signpost parents to helpful support and guidance for issues involving:

  • Sleep
  • Not wanting to go to try new things
  • Toileting
  • Food/eating
  • Social 
How can WellBeings support this?

As the WellBeings programme is a whole-school solution, we provide parents with a portal that they can view to find advice and guidance on issues that their child may be experiencing and some practices that could support them with this.

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