How it works

Getting started with your whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing should be easy, simple and not over-burdening on your time or your staff. Once you decide that the WellBeings programme and community provide the right support for your school, then we can start our journey together with ease, collaboration and excitement.

1. Let’s Get Started

The first step in your journey is to book and attend one of our whole-school online training sessions. The more staff you can get to attend the short but comprehensive training, the quicker it will be to get up-and-running with a whole-school approach. From our experience, individual staff members who try to cascade training material to others in school, the more diluted and dissolved the whole-school effort becomes. Start as you mean to go on and get as many staff members as possible to attend so everyone knows the what’s, why’s and how’s of WellBeings. 

2. Create Your Accounts

Once you’ve attended the training, your staff will be given a unique time-sensitive school code to create their accounts. The process is simple, quick and easy and we are here to help each step of the way.

3. Explore and Embed

We’ll share some of the class practices and stories in the training but once you’re logged-in you’re free to explore, listen, watch and get a feel for the practices and how you’re going to start embedding with your classes regularly.

4. Share and Celebrate

Start creating a buzz around your whole-school approach and share information and practices with your parents and school families. We’ll send you website and social media links and information and ways to make the most out of sharing and raising the profile of what you’re doing to support mental and emotional wellbeing in your wonderful school. 

5. We’ll Keep In Touch

As you all start journeying and sharing, we’ll regularly check in with you and provide the designated leads and SLT with regular engagement snapshots so you know how well the programme is being used. We’ll also be celebrating your staff and pupils with regular certificates and comments to acknowledge their efforts!