Coping with Seasonal Stress with a Seasonal Sigh

Many of us are feeling the effects of seasonal stress.

The cost of living, family dynamics and relationships, seasonal expectations and the weather all play a part in how we feel AND how we REACT to certain situations.

Where, with a bit of space, we might choose to RESPOND to a family member, work colleague or a child with patience and understanding, we can find ourselves instead REACTING in a snappy, short-tempered or emotionally-fuelled way.

These more instant emotionally-fuelled reactions are usually the ones where later we perhaps wish we’d handled it better or feel the need to explain ourselves and/or apologise.

To support us with seasonal stress and to create space so we don’t always instantly react but rather CHOOSE our response, we can practice a SEASONAL SIGHING.

It utilises one of our most powerful self-help tools that goes everywhere with us…the breath.

Suitable for children, teachers and parents, please watch and share!