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Practising Calm, Attention and Focus

Your breath is the ultimate tool for activating your parasympathetic nervous system.

This breath practice can calm you down whether you choose to like using it or not and also helps with focus and concentration! A great one to use before a test or exam.

We invite you to try Nostril Breathing here…

Settling for Sleep: Your Dream Guide

Sleep issues are very common and we hear lots of parents asking for help.

You may have heard of Dream Catchers, well, this practice asks you and your child to visualise a Dream Guide which can help settling for sleep.

We invite you to join in this practice…

Are you or your children going very quickly from calm to boom?

This week we have two practices to share with parents and a very short advice video on Reacting vs Responding.

Counting breaths with Awareness

One of our favourite practices for children and adults to practice is to bring AWARENESS to how their mind wanders. 

This practice can help with building focus, attention and concentration.

We invite you to join in this practice…

HOBB – Hand on Belly Breath

Each day, Hobb had to go and see Old Ma. His mum insisted. 

Hobb, however, pretended that he hated going particularly to his mates who would make faces at him, point to one of his eyes and pretend to pull it out. It was true that he would like to be playing with them, but he found Old Ma fascinating.

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Did your child enjoy the chapter?