End of Programme Baseline Questionnaire

The WellBeings team are required to provide to Commissioning bodies analysis of the effectiveness and impact of the WellBeings programme. If you would be able to spare 10 minutes to complete the form below it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

The WellBeings Team

Survey Response Final ’23 Cohort
I regularly utilise mindfulness and wellbeing practices with children in school. (No prior understanding or experience of mindfulness is required by WellBeings)
I share breath practices with my pupils
I use outside and/or nature to encourage focus and calmness
I include opportunities during the school day to pause and pay attention to thoughts and emotions
I teach pupils to notice and pay attention to sensations within their bodies that indicate emotional activity.
I explain to pupils how they can use their senses to anchor and ground themselves
I regularly utilise mindfulness and wellbeing practices for my own self-care and emotional regulation
I role-model to my pupils wellbeing practices, that support my own mental and emotional health, and my ability to self-regulate
I provide regular opportunities for children to express their emotions in a variety of ways including art/language/movement etc
I embed regular kindness practices within the school day
I feel confident in offering, using and demonstrating emotional regulation techniques with my pupils?